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All the latest on OFFseason Leicester - Silver Street

So, this week has absolutely flown by and things are really hotting up with regards to our new store on Silver Street. I've had a really interesting day with Mark Skinner design (MSD) and was holed up for the whole day in his extremely cool (not) design cabin. One thing we discussed, was how we can save a bit of money on the design process, without cutting corners on the finished product. We feel we've managed to come up with several great ideas, that will not only save money, but will actually enhance the overall design. Obviously, you'll have to wait to see the end product, you WILL be the judge.

Part of the design process includes getting bespoke furniture made. So, who knew that designing our furniture would have me borrowing Mark's 90 degree right-angle and using his protractor, I was definitely not good at trigonometry at school. Well, hopefully the CAD designers at Cross and Sansam in Shepshed, will know whether Mark and I got the right angle for the new sneaker-mirrors we are having made. Picture here as proof of our work:

So we deemed 65 degrees as the perfect angle.... you'll see soon enough.

Other news on Silver street, it seems we have a phantom lock changer, yes you read that correctly. Someone has changed the locks at the empty store and no one seems to know who. We'll revert back asap when we find the culprit, watch this space....

Along with all the designing and lease signing (which is the most frustrating part of opening a new store) we still have time to buy and source, fresh, new sneakers, for our loyal customer base at OFFseason, Loughborough. This week has seen us sourcing, Louis Vuitton monogram, light blue trainers. Love them or hate them they are selling like proverbial hot cakes. 

Talking of well-selling items, we are now stocking Jack's Patches tees in store. These are so popular with our customers, they are flying out of the store as fast as they come in. Make sure you pop down to grab them while you can. 


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