offseason loughborough & leicester

New OFF season Leicester store opening soon! Follow our blog for all the content

It has been a crazy time for us here at OFF season, we've been busy securing new stock for our Loughborough store, namely more Nike Jordan 4's and Louis Vuitton Air Force 1's (Yes we did get them)! We're also making massively big plans for opening our new Leicester City centre, Silver street store. Behind the scenes we've been busy working with local retail, store designer, MSD, who has been enthusiastically designing the fine details for us - exciting times indeed. Over the next few months we plan to share our experience of opening a new retail store with you. We'll link to this blog, videos and posts to keep all OFFseason fans up-to-date with all of our hard work. This is something that we've not done to this extent before, so be sure to follow all the ups and downs of us here at OFFseason.

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