What does the new KSI Prime taste like?

What does the new KSI Prime taste like?

THE PRIME DRINK has every kid begging their mums and dads to fork out an arm and a leg to buy a bottle, but its not just the children that want to try its everyone. People of all ages are collecting them for displays! Has the world gone mad? 

The drinks are so popular that supermarket shoppers have capped customers to 3 per a customer. As people are buying them to resell for 3x the price. 

So whats going on? Is it fear of missing out? Is it just genius marketing? Or is Prime actually this amazing. 

Prime this year alone has made a turnover of 180 million, did I mention it's their 1st year of business.  

Two huge YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul, who together have 140million followers, launched the Prime brand in January last year.

There are seven flavours - Ice Pop, Meta Moon, Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime, Tropical Punch, Orange and Grape, and I tried all of them, and of course the new one Mango. It is said that the new flavour is of limited edition and UK exclusive. 

So demand for the mango flavour has gone crazy. There was also a online special drop released on their official website PRIME.com if you brought the bundle you get an FREE KSI limited edition T-shirt and Bandanna  

PRIME By Logan Paul x KSI.


Very Sweet, non-fizzy, fruity as excepted and smooth, not thick like flavoured water but more potent. 

It's marketed as a "hydration drink", as it contains coconut water and electrolytes, plus ingredients that they claim aid muscle recovery.

The standard retail price of a single 500ml bottle is meant to be just £1.99 .

The drink was originally sold exclusively by Asda and then by Aldi then by Sainsburry but it sold out within hours. BUT! You can buy at offseasonclothing.co.uk if you have missed out 




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